Florianópolis is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil for both foreigners and Brazilians. The as “Isla de la Magia” (Island of Magic) because it is made up of a main island, the mainland and smaller islands – features breathtaking beaches and a lively nightlife.

According to a survey released by the Ministry of Tourism, the capital of Santa Catarina received more than 6.6 million foreign visitors in 2016, second only to Rio de Janeiro.

There are 42 beaches, but the Santa Catarina government says the number is even higher, surpassing 100 waterfronts. The city contains the same type of infrastructure as large cities, but preserves the tranquil air, with landscapes replete with green areas and unspoiled beaches.

For those who enjoy peaceful, little-explored and very natural environments, the beaches in the south are highly recommended. And for those seeking a bit more excitement and fun, the beaches to the north of the island are the best bets.

And in the historical center, get to learn more about the local culture, buy goods and savor the best seafood dishes.

Find out more about the leading tourist sites:

Santo Antônio de Lisboa

The Azorean colonization district is between the center and the northern beaches. On weekends, the beachfront bars and restaurants are crowded, and you can get a great view of the Hercílio Luz Bridge.

Historic Centre

Visit the Memorial to the Miramar and Praça XV de novembro, where you can see the Figueira Centenária, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Public Market of Florianopolis.

Lagoa da Conceição

Occupies a generous portion of the central part of the island. Shops, bars and restaurants can be found there. It’s the buzz point for those who like to enjoy the nightlife. The region also includes Avenida das Rendeiras – famous for lace craftsmanship.


Tamar Project

Present throughout the coastline of Brazil in the fight to protect sea turtles, the for the Tamar Project of Florianópolis is the only one from the South of Brazil. It exhibits tanks with four of the five species of turtles found in the Brazilian seas. Most of them are rescued.

Museu O Mundo Ovo de Eli Heil

Houses the collection of the prestigious Brazilian artist Eli M. Heil, with a permanent exhibition of his works. It has three exhibition spaces: the “Showroom”, the “Sculpture Room” and the annex, which houses the “Nativity” work. A number of sculptures are also on display in the museum’s gardens.

Campeche Island

The island has one of the richest ecosystems in the southern region of the country, ideal for those who want stay in touch with nature and seek beaches with clear, calm waters. It can only be accessed by schooners. The island is fully protected by the National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN), for housing ten archaeological sites.

Ribeirão da Ilha

The district, located in the southern part of the city, is the leading producer of oysters from the island and, unlike Santo Antônio de Lisboa, is quite calm. Ostradamus and Ranch Azores are two of the most renowned restaurants to enjoy delicious oysters.